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, the economy, and the deficit, and a reference to former president kennedy. >> first of all, i was there when ronald reagan gave specifics to what he was going to cut in terms of tax expenditures. 97% of small-business americans paid -- make less than $250,000. amid tell you who some of the other small businesses are. hedge funds that make a hundred million dollars a year. that is what they call as small business. gov. romney on 60 minutes about 10 days ago was asked, you pay 14% on $20 million. somebody making $50,000 face more than that. he said that is fair. that is fair. do you think these guys are going to go out there and cut the loopholes? the biggest loophole they take advantage of is the carriage entrance loophole and the capital gains loophole. the reason that the american enterprise study, the tax policy center study all say taxes will go up on the middle-class is it is the only way you can find at $5 trillion and loopholes as to cut the mortgage deduction for middle-class people, take away their ability to get a tax break to send their kids to college. >> is he wrong about that? >
energy independent by the end of the decade. get this deficit and debt under control. >> -in -- in addition to asking your comments, we put up some polls. this is not scientific. it is just for people who happen to take part. 1483 say joe biden on the debate. paul ryan, 1095. we are listening to your calls and reaction tonight. the next up is a democrat. caller: thank you for taking my call. i was very moved by vice president joe biden. a heartfelt story about losing his life. i never knew that about him. four years ago, it was my first time voting. i voted for obama. i will again i am at 47 cents and he was mentioning. i was laid off in 2010. i just want you to know when robert watson was just on and he said vice president biden on a personal level, it is true he says that with the american people. i learned a lot about him personally. four years ago, i had never heard of him. now seeing this, i have two kids in college who will be first- time voters. i am letting them make up their own determination. i made sure they saw both debates. one is 19 and one is 20, and they have
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2